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 Tag Force 5?

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PostSubject: Tag Force 5?   2010-11-28, 11:47 am

anyone here have played tag force 5? :p i just get the game yesterday and haven't tried it. how's the game so far? is it better than tag force 4?
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PostSubject: Re: Tag Force 5?   2010-11-28, 1:14 pm

yeah, I have played and cleared all of the characters.
there's nothing new, except new cards.
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PostSubject: Re: Tag Force 5?   2010-11-29, 11:31 am

How about the storyline?
We already know like world championship 2009 in DS, it gave us great improvement. How about the other console? (psp, PS, Xbox)
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PostSubject: Re: Tag Force 5?   2011-01-01, 8:53 am

WARNING: Possible Spoilers for those who haven't play the game.


Just finished yusei's story line. The plot is okay although yusei's line sometimes bother me. (if you got the correct answer in the 'about them' game, yusei will say that u are irreplaceable while blushing wtf )
One thing that surprised me, machine emperor deck is actually quite easy to crush. Wisel core infinity will only summon the rest of the parts if destroyed by card effect (that's new to me). So as long as I can keep that card out of reach, there will be no problem in synchro summoning. It took me about ten turns to bring both jakob and lester lifepoint's to zero. the anime got me fooled lol
There are also funny faqs about yusei that i learned from his plot:
1. Yusei likes shoulder massage lol
2. hair gel and wax ( now i know yusei use lots of wax to keep his hair on place)
3. and actually collecting bathing utilities. lol again
About improvement, i think one of the best improvement in this game is the starter deck is better than tag force 4 :p
It is pretty solid with a little tweak.
My disappointment about this game: no aporia and zone lol. I'm looking forward to duel them
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PostSubject: Re: Tag Force 5?   2011-01-01, 3:59 pm

Welll, in the anime they had to be destroyed by card effects too.


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PostSubject: Re: Tag Force 5?   2011-01-04, 12:46 pm

what CFW you use?

i use prometheus 2 but if i watch the animation of monster summoning and attacking the game freeze.
can someone help me? cause when i watch the credit it freeze and i have to battle grannel and skiel again
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PostSubject: Re: Tag Force 5?   2011-01-16, 4:48 am

I like it for play testing new decks out.

Grinding for cards because much easier once I was able to make the Reversal Quiz deck.

Saved me so much grief.
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PostSubject: Re: Tag Force 5?   

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Tag Force 5?
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