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 Episode 140 Discusion

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PostSubject: Episode 140 Discusion   2010-12-17, 11:16 pm

Will Sherry go far enough to crush Team 5d's. Will Yusei get to Arc Cradel control?
Will Dark Glass true identity will be reviled to Team 5d's?
Who sent Dark Glass to help Yusei, was it Zane, or Yusei's dad?

Share with us your thoughts
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PostSubject: Re: Episode 140 Discusion   2010-12-17, 11:43 pm

"Will Dark Glass true identity will be reviled to Team 5d's?
Who sent Dark Glass to help Yusei, was it Zane, or Yusei's dad?"


Maybe after he was beaten By Jaiden Yugi and Yuusei (which will be only later in Yuusei's life) Paradox sent him back because he thinks Yuusei can change the future because he beaten him (even if not alone). Also he was there as one of the few survivors in the anime so why not?

Anyways the whole stuff sound like Terminator isn't it? Very Happy
-The evil android(s) (Jose, Placido, Lucianno/basically Aporia) was sent back in time to kill Yuusei and destroy the city to change the future, but the good android (Vizor (i like his English name)/Dark glass) was also sent back to save him from the bad android(s) Very Happy

FUDO YUUSEI the leader of the human resistance!
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PostSubject: Re: Episode 140 Discusion   2010-12-18, 5:00 pm

The next episodes become epic. ^^

Your comparision with Terminator is good. Suspect
It is really a little bit like that. lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Episode 140 Discusion   2010-12-24, 3:58 pm

Not sure if these threads are for "post" viewing the episodes or thoughts before viewing.

Anyway, my post viewing thoughts.

Excellent episode. I think Zone has no alliegences, he gives everyone a chance of their perfect future. Which would make sense as the Three Tenors wanted a future without Syncro Summon and Sherry wanted her family alive again.

Its a shame Zone cant grant zillions of fans the chance to see 5Ds on Youtube without the episodes being removed. :p

Ep140 seems to be one of the most adult looking episodes yet. The Skeleton that grips Cherry looks as if her life depends on her winning.

She appears to be the lock mechanism for the Cog. The sounds of the bones cracking as it grabs her, is only matched by the Vampire feeding session in Let Me In (US remake of Let The Right One In). The sound has a "not for kids" tone to it.

The zaps of energy when players draw a monster card look painful, despite this just being an Anime.

Quick note on Ep141/142 - Ouch..... Avoid those lazors kids Shocked

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PostSubject: Re: Episode 140 Discusion   2010-12-29, 3:34 pm

140 definitely the best ep ever. I really like the character development here. Crow and Aki are becoming more mature , they know how to cope with hardship and avoid from dwelling in the past. Crow is super awesome when he made his touching speech, I was stunned for seconds. Look, I even quote his line as my siggie. Smile
Aki is totally a different person. She smiles, support her friends and even can revive her psychic power just to save her friends.
For the next ep..., I'll bet it will turn into a great battle since it involves jack (dunno why but since the start of wrpg, jack seems to always end up with the bandages after a duel)
5Ds please don't end Sad

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PostSubject: Re: Episode 140 Discusion   2010-12-31, 11:28 am

Sherry is an idiot! The past cannot and should not be changed. We can only look to the future and try to fix the mistakes of the past, not try to erase them completely.

Anyway great episode, Crow and Aki kicked her stupid butt. Glad to keep seeing new Blackwings coming out.

Sorry to get philosophical on ya.
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PostSubject: Re: Episode 140 Discusion   

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Episode 140 Discusion
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