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 Does anyone here like gundams?

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PostSubject: Re: Does anyone here like gundams?   2011-02-23, 2:36 am

Tatchan wrote:
I've yet to see the 00 movie, but I did read a spoiler, and it didn't sound too bad. I actually look forward to the confusion; I'm sick of seeing stories where all it is nothing less than the main character shouting, "NOW I'LL SHOW YOU MY TRUE POWER!" ...yawn...

(P.S. Since when does a 6.5/10 merit a "worth watching". That would be a mill show by my standards.)

well that's for me,
I have high standard to watch anime.
For example, for mediocre shows like Fairy tail or Digimon Xros Wars,
even though some people said they're worth to
watch and gave them 5/10
but I'm not, I give them 1/10 instead and not
following them Razz

Gundam itself, in my opinion,
the story is mediocre and too complicated, but cool mecha actions cover it.
That's why I gave them 6.5/10
if it wasn't for its mecha actions I will give 1/10 instead Razz

The only animes that deserve 10/10 are
yugioh and naruto for me

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PostSubject: Re: Does anyone here like gundams?   2011-09-29, 6:41 pm

I finally got around to checking that movie out, and I must say I throughly enjoyed it. Not as much Tiera as I would have liked, but his Gundam was alright. The story only really interests those of us into this "new-age conspiracy" topics. It has been some time though since I watched it, but I think I'd rate it a 8/10 or 8.5/10, maybe as high as a 9, although I'd have to watch it again before I could safely say that. Still better than some OVA movies I've seen based on a series. Can anyone say Pyramid of Light?

Yeah...Didn't think so.
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Does anyone here like gundams?
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